Weight Management

Shape should determine your reason for weight loss.

Belly fat could indicate that your visceral fat or internal fat around your organs is too high and becomes dangerous for your health. Sometimes people have skinny arms and legs but accumulate fat around their middle and back. Knock on ill effects like liver problems, inflammation, diabetes and strokes can occur due to high visceral fat. This person should take weight loss seriously,for health reasons . Long term health style choices such as a change in diet and getting active can help achieve this. Low calorie meals, reduced carbohydrates, high fibre and extra protein have been proven to assist in healthy weight loss.

People carrying weight on their arms, legs and bottom generally does not pose huge and immediate health risks, but it effects the way you look and feel and what clothes you can wear. Carrying extra weight can effect your joints and limit your ability to move around and be active. Losing weight, looking good and being active has an effect on your emotion well being.

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