21 Day Challenge Win Up to R7,000

Lose Weight, Gain Weight or Shape Up

Start your Body Transformation and Lifestyle challenge here with our professionally designed program to accelerate your progress and manifest those new habits in 21 Days.

Why Take up This challenge

Kick Start your New Healthy Lifestyle with this challenge

New habits take 21 Days to manifest.

Win Your Share of R7,000 cash prizes with our Premium and Elite options

I care about your health and the results you can achieve

It combines Ultimate Nutrition with a Training program that has proven to reshape your body.

Get Access to a Tailor Made Body Transformation Course, Free Coaching and Specialized Training Program when you upgrade

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1 x F1 Meal Replacement Shakes


1 x F1 Meal Replacement Shakes


1 x Protein Drink Mix


1 x Herbal Beverages


1 x Fibre & Herbs


1 x Neon Shakers


1 x 21 Day Challenge Entry Fee



I strategically added a combination of products to increase your chance of success.

The fun aspect of doing this with friends and family and other Healthy enthusiasts it makes shaping up extremely exciting. 

  1. Shake Meal replacement provides you with one low calorie and highly nutritious meal per day.
  2. Protein Drink Mix adds protein to easily reach your protein target without adding unnecessary calories. Protein is essential for building muscle which speeds up your metabolism and keeping you fuller for longer.
  3. Green Tea based Herbal Tea has 85 g Caffeine. Caffeine is known to increase energy which helps you to train for longer and in turn helps burning fat. Contains anti-oxidants
  4. Extra Meal Shake per day is adding a second low calorie, highly nutritious meal. After 2 meals you have reached close to over 60 g of protein with only 440 Calories. Unless you are doing something seriously wrong you should be losing weight consistently especially if you still add training.
  5. Fiber cleans your gut, helps absorbing nutrition and is known to curb cravings.

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