Shake Protein Tea (Basic Weight Loss Program)

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Low Calorie Meal Replacement – Lose weight
High in Micro and Macro Nutrients- Stop snacking
Protein – Keeps you fuller for longer – Stop snacking
Protein – Build and maintain muscle mass – Speed up metabolism
Herbalife tea – Gives energy – Workout Harder – Sweat more – Burns Fat
Free Training – Burns fat and Builds muscle



1 x F1 Meal Replacement Shakes


1 x Herbal Beverages


1 x Protein Drink Mix



Shake for Nutrition with 24 Vitamins and Minerals (incl.A,B,C,D and E) to keep you from cravings and keeping the body healthy.

Reducing the calories per meal to only 220 cal and only 20.6 grams of carbs if drunk with 250 ml of milk. (8.3 g with water)

Protein is the other essential for healthy weight loss. Protein keeps you fuller for longer and builds lean muscle which will in turn speed up your metabolism.

Herbal Beverage Contains 85 mg of Caffeine and anti Oxidants. Caffeine is known to increase energy and burn fat.


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