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About Us

I have been a Herbalife Distributor and Health Coach for 15 years. I am a 6th Dan Karate Instructor and my beautiful wife Natalie is a qualified life coach. We both just love helping people so recommending and helping people with health and weight loss and sports nutrition and sports performance basically flows from who we are and what we do. 
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Dirk&Grant Wakeboarding

I am an ordinary guy with an extraordinary life.

My hobbies range from Wakeboarding and Gym to also being an avid poker player. Poker has taught me some valuable life and business lessons. Which ranges from the fact that it is a skill and you can get better if you apply yourself, Be patient, Ride the worse times and enjoy the wins. Don’t give up, learn continuously and know that your overall result is positive so keep going. Also sometimes you get lucky but you wouldn’t get lucky unless to participated. 

I am a teacher at heart and love teaching people everything I learn in life. I am also a devout Christian that has walked many dark roads but has been blessed with health and wealth, both financially, spiritually, and with my relationships.