"Money Doesnt make you rich! Business Skills do"

– Robert Kiyosaki  – American Businessman

Quick Question?

Which of the following best describes you?

  • I am a Mom and want to Work from Home.
  • I am looking for an extra part-time income!
  • I just had a baby and the thought of going back to work kills me!
  • I’m a student and need extra money.
  • I want to save for a car or a holiday.
  • My business was liquidated!
  • Need to get out of the rat race.
  • I am not running my business anymore; It is running me?
  • I need something to do after retirement.
  • I am here to assess my current business against other opportunities.
  • Or any other reason not mentioned here?

Much more than great products!

Herbalife is the top nutrition company in the world and on the NY stock exchange with a turnover in 2020 of 4.96 Billion Dollars. Been around for 40 years and all their followers in essence believe and live out Hippocrates’s “Let food be your medicine and your medicine be your food!

Nutrition heals and that we do not get enough of it in our daily diet. The nutrition in all the products from the SKIN, Nutrition and the Sports ranges have helped so many people living healthier happier lives. And you must just Google the results that people have had on the products to know it has the most amazing products.

They are true to their motto of “Making the World Healthier and Happier.” From that you would immediately assume that that is a great reason to look at this as a business or extra income opportunity and you are right.


There is a lot more to this company that meets the eye that not many people are fully aware of.

This information is will show you so many good reasons as to why this could be the right opportunity for you.

What to look for?

If you were to look for a business or extra income opportunity, what should you be looking for to increase your chances of success?

  1. Would like to know how you can have an unfair advantage in the market place.
  2. Would like to know how you can have special leverage to increase your income generation exponentially?
  3. Would you like to know how to invest your time and not spend or waste it on one activity and one business but creating 3 income streams of which 2 are passive?


6 Reasons why I chose Herbalife Nutrition and its great products to be my preferred company to build my business in.

1. Unfair Advantage

Robert Kiyosaki says in his book the “Unfair Advantage” that although a great product is of unbelievable value it is not the most important factor of a successful business but that a company’s MISSION, and TEAM and LEADERSHIP is of the utmost importance and drives a successful company in the long run.

He says many people come to him saying “But Robert, I have such a great product, why is this business not working? And many people have mediocre products but are exceptionally successful.The only example I can give you without knocking this company is to ask you. Is the last Mc Donald’s burger you had the best you have ever tasted? I assume not,but they are probably the most successful burger restaurants in the world.

How will you choose?



Does Herbalife Fit these criteria of an Unfair Advantage Business?


Herbalife was founded by Mark Hughes 40 years ago and his goal was to change the nutritional habits of the world. His mom died of an overdose of weight loss tablets and he was driven to find a safe way for people to lose weight. He went the nutrition route. Herbalife’s mission today is still “Making the World Healthier and Happier” Is that a great mission that you could align yourself with, because that is the foundation of your business and will determine your long-term success?


Michael O. Johnson an avid endurance sports athlete is an American businessman and former CEO of Herbalife Nutrition. He previously served as President of The Walt Disney Company. During this time, Herbalife Nutrition grew its net sales from $1.1 billion in 2003 to $4.4 billion in 2017.




Herbalife Nutrition has over 300 doctors and scientists, many PHD’s and experts in human nutrition behind our products. Including a special mention Lou Ignarro. Ignarro has made exceptional contributions to science. His efforts were recognized as a Nobel* Laureate in Physiology or Medicine in 1998 for his discovery of nitric oxide’s range of benefits to the human body.

Dr. David Heber. Chairman of. Herbalife Medical Advisory Board. Director of UCLA Centre for Human Nutrition. Dr. Louis J. Ignarro. Scientific Advisory Board Nobel Prize Laureate. Luigi Gratton Vice President, Medical Affairs and Education.


With the above Triangular structure in place there are more reasons as to what Herbalife can offer as a business that not many companies can. There are many great leaders to follow in Herbalife and every member that joins feels the same about this company.

2. Consumable Product

My mom used to say to me when you sell something and your customer gets to the bottom of the bottle, they have to come back to you!

Leverage off selling a consumable product and the repeat retail income from repeat customers is a wise investment of your time.             


Is it better selling a car or petrol where the cars must come back month after month to refill their tank?


Is it better selling a cell phone or a data contract where the client must return month after month to get more data and airtime?           


3. Niche

Leverage through having a niche product as Herbalife can only be bought through our Herbalife Distributors. You cannot get this product at your local grocery store. 

4. Referral Marketing

Getting Paid for referring a product I already use and love.

Does your local store reward you in cash for referring the SKIN range you use or the Vitamins and Minerals and supplements for your gym workouts? Herbalife Does! And more you can get the products at Wholesale if you become a member. What other company does that?

If I offer you a similar or superior product at the same price, with the added benefit that if you recommend the product in turn you too can get a kick back from the company. In fact the company is willing to keep track of all your referrals, and their referrals and their referrals 3 levels deep and pay you for the network of referrals taking place. You will be surprised how quickly that could grow if you actually keep track. 

If the 3 friends you referred in turn refer 3, who refer 3, who refer 3. That is a total of 120 people that is using the product because of my referral and the company is willing to pay you for all those referrals. CRAZY! Yes that is why I do it.

5. One Business 3 Income Streams

  • Recommending or Selling a consumable product puts cash in your pocket immediately. That is your 1st Income stream called Retail Income.

Customers or friends whom you referred the products to, that want the discount can become members. When these members buy their own products at whole sale and refer or sell products to friend or family or their own customer base, creates a second income stream called Wholesale Income. This is the first passive income as you get leverage off your down line. Like a CEO that can go play golf because the employees are working. 

When an estate agency trains you up and you leave to start your business you become a competitor to the company that trained you. Herbalife members that you train up that would like to start their own businesses do not leave and become your competitor.  They remain linked to you and the company continues to keep track of their entire business unit of all sales and referrals of which you can now earn Royalty Income. This is another passive income stream. 

6. Power of Duplication and Networking.

The power of duplication can be seen in the example where you teach and train 5 people and duplicate that 3 levels deep. (5×5=25)  (25×5=125)  (125×5=625). Working with only 5 people over a period of 5-10 years will create an organisation of 780 people. 

Leverage off other peoples time

If you get paid on 8 hours per day for 340 days a year, you will get paid on 2720 hours

If you get paid on 500 people working 1 hour per day for 340 days you will be paid on 170,000 hours

If you get paid on 500 people 8 hours per day for 340 days, you will be paid on 1,360,000 hours.

Power of other people Time and money.

If 500 people each over a period of 10 years achieve R3,000 Sales and Usage of the products and you get paid only 5% commission of that, you will get commission on R1,5000,000 products that went into the market place. At a maximum residual cheque of 5% is a R75,000 Royalty cheque.

The power of referral marketing combined with the possibility of adding and not losing customers and team members and business builders  and getting paid on 3 levels by the company is invaluable ind ingenious. Adding that power of duplication and network marketing where you are not restricted to adding members to your team makes this an Unlimited Income Opportunity. 

Is this fair? The only thing that is not fair is that perhaps you didn’t know this. But now you know that this is available to anyone.

Network Marketing often gets bad press but it has been around for many years and companies like Amway and Tupperware has also been extremely successful.

I believe the secret to this system is not many people doing thousands and thousands rand of sales but do what its designed to do. A lot of people using and recommending and even selling a reasonable amount and getting paid for being part of the system 3 levels deep. 

Can afford not to be part of this?


*Please see disclaimers of income and product results at the bottom of this presentation.

 Buy a Business

How much would you invest in the following company as your future business?

  1. Mission: Making the World Healthier and Happier
  2. Leadership: MOJ Chairman 2003-2017 (Sales from 1.1bil to 4.4bil)
  3. Team: 300 Doctors and Scientists ensuring the highest quality? Been around for 40 Years. On the New York Stock Exchange.
  4. Consumable product.
  5. It is in the Health Industry
  6. It is in the Beauty Industry
  7. It is in Weight Loss Industry
  8. It is in Sports and Fitness Industry
  9. You can sell it and promote it online.
  10. You can trade in 98 countries in the world
  11. A Niche product where people cannot get this product in the shop.
  12. It has the mechanism of Duplication and uses Networking so you can recruit a few people and with the power of duplication can duplicate exponentially into a team of >500 people.
  13. You can invest your time and efforts and create a BIG BUSINESS of unlimited people and you can Leverage of other people time.
  14. No STOCK control or UIF or WAGES or PAYE or VAT.

OPTION 1 – R 600

That is Crazy Right!

Mini Member Pack

What do you get?

license to trade in 98 Countries in the world and an immediate discount of 25% on any of the products.

  • You can utilize this with immediate effect to purchase your own desired products as per your individual needs.
  • Sell products and make immediate cash in your pocket.
  • A canister of Shake Mix with Healthy Meals.
  • Shaker and a spoon.
  • Manuals to teach you the business.


 R 630

Member Activation Pack.

What do you get?

  1. license to trade in 98 Countries in the world and an immediate discount of 25% on any of the products.
  2. Manuals to teach you the business.
  3. 3 Trial Packs can be used to sell to 3 potential customers.

How do I earn money?

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Final Step

  1. Contact Dirk for more information or if you have any questions.
  2. Purchase an International Business Pack


  1. The products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
  2. Income applicable to the individuals (or examples) depicted and not average. For average financial performance data, see the Statement of Average Gross Compensation Paid by Herbalife at Herbalife.com and MyHerbalife.com.
  3. Consumers who use Herbalife Formula 1 twice per day as part of a healthy lifestyle can generally expect to lose around 0.5 to 1 pound per week.